Our quality philosophy is based on control and continuously improving our yields, eliminating defects and reducing cycle time for every process to meet our customers increasing expectations on Delivery, Price and Quality. Following our philosophy, has resulted in a first-class service.

J-TEQ Quality is defined by “Excellence in Business Performance”

To strive for “Excellence” J-TEQ has adopted the following ethos:

  • Implementation of an “Up-to-Date” Quality Management System according to ISO 9001 & ISO 13485 and its daily conscientious application and practical adaptation helps us to achieve our goals.
  • J-TEQ understand quality management as a task of guidance and that each employee is jointly responsible for the quality of their work.
  • A Continuous Improvement process in all parts of J-TEQ helps us to uncover possible gaps and eliminate existing weak points. This process includes the use of the most effective Quality Improvement Tools & Procedures to implement these improvements.
  • Realistic annual targets and their achievement are a substantial component of the J-TEQ culture and are practiced since the existence of the company.
  • J-TEQ’s most important goal is the maintenance of consistent, 1st-class products and service. This is carried out through high-quality standards in all areas of the products we assemble, from customer co-operation in the initial stages of development through to the various customer-friendly services that we offer.
  • J-TEQ works hand-in-hand with our clients and through this collaboration are able to ensure that we meet their expectations and never tire of striving to further improve both products and the manufacturing process.
  • In addition, we comply with the highest level of regulatory and statutory requirements governing our business in the markets in which we operate. The complete and total adherence to ISO 9001 Quality Standards as well as to those regulations set-out for Medical Products in ISO 13485, guarantees that the normative and regulatory requirements are fully met.
  • Through the control of all documentation relating to the development and manufacturing processes, products are created that fulfill all the requirements and demands of efficiency and economic viability and profitability.
  • J-TEQ’s traceability System enables a fast and explicit identification and traceability of every finished product, across the delivery and supply chain through to the individual component parts.
  • Each member of our highly-qualified staff carries in the forefront of their thoughts and actions the desire to reach a 100% quality in all our finished products, thereby enabling us to successfully fulfill the goal of achieving complete customer satisfaction.

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